Commonly Overlooked Forklift Maintenance Tips

Keep your forklift fleet in good condition with some regular maintenance checks. Inspections, cleaning, and safety checks are easy and should be a part of your business’s regular routine. Here, we go over the main checks that all forklift operators should be carrying out, and how fleet service provider Yale Forklifts NZ can help with your maintenance requirements in order to avoid common forklift problems.

Regular Inspections

The first thing that you need to make part of your recurring maintenance checklist is regular inspections of your forklift fleet. A breakdown in the middle of a job can be a logistical nightmare, so picking up any issues before they arise can save you a lot of time and money. You should aim to inspect your forklifts daily for safety issues, and at least monthly for a more in-depth inspection of the engine and internal workings.

Fluid Top Ups

Just like a car, keeping your forklift’s essential fluids topped up and in good condition should be a priority for longevity. Keep an eye on your fleet’s hydraulic fluid, as it is essential to the lifting ability and steering of the forklift. You also will want to check the engine oil to make sure it hasn’t dipped due to a leak or become dark and sludgy signifying it is overdue an oil change.

Check Brakes

For a safe and efficient workplace make sure your forklift brakes are in good condition. Soft brakes can make that split second difference between a successful urgent stop and a potentially catastrophic accident. Visually inspect the brake shoes to confirm they are not showing signs of advanced wear. Also, check that the brakes are clean, as dirty working conditions can lower the life expectancy of your brakes.

Get Your Forklift Serviced

Trust a professional to pick up any big issues with your forklift before they happen. Set yourself up with a trusted professional like Yale Forklifts NZ to handle your parts and service needs on a regular schedule so that you can be sure of the good condition of your forklifts all year round. Yale Forklifts NZ can even provide training for your technical staff to improve the general forklift care in your workplace.

Check the Tyres

One of your daily checklist items should be checking the condition of each of your forklift’s tyres. Look for any punctures, cracking, or signs of advanced wear which could lead to a costly blow-out. Make sure the tyre pressure is at the recommended PSI for your manufacturer’s tyres as underinflated tyres will cost extra fuel/electricity and will shorten the lifespan of the tyres.

Thorough Cleaning

One of the most overlooked maintenance steps that business places miss is the cleaning of their forklifts. Grease, dirt, and grime can quickly deteriorate the exterior of your forklift causing cracking in the paint and causing potential rust issues. This can also affect the internals of your forklift with grime hindering the engine and damaging parts with increased friction and rust. You can use a pressure washer and a broom or brush to keep your forklifts clean.

For All Your Forklift Parts & Service Needs

Yale Forklifts NZ is the leading Forklift service provider in the country with a solid supply chain of spares and parts to keep your hired or purchased forklift in good shape. If you have any queries relating to hiring, buying, or maintaining a forklift, contact SQ Equipment.

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