Manage Cost, Optimise Productivity & Protect Your Assets

Take your fleet operation to the next level with wireless asset management from Yale. Leading edge Yale Vision provides true wireless fleet management, and can drive fleet efficiency, reduce downtime and improve operator performance. The knowledgeable team at SG Equipment plus Yale Vison technology, can help you get the most out of every forklift in your fleet.

Yale Vision is the only telemetry solution designed and supported by Yale, available on new equipment, and as an easy retrofit for existing trucks in your fleet. Mixed fleets are no problem. S G Equipment can offer you the option of equipping other branded forklifts with Yale Vision technology providing a solution for your entire fleet.

Manage your total cost of operation

Total cost of operation (TCO) provides valuable business intelligence beyond asset ownership costs.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting of operational costs, including contract costs, maintenance, acquisition, and labor, allows for improved cost management of forklifts, fleets, and labor.

TCO can be analyzed by forklift, fleet, and location, providing increased knowledge of actual fleet utilization and costs, helping to maximize the value of lift truck assets.

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Ensure maximum productivity from your forklift investment


Yale Vision enables fleet managers to upsize, downsize, right size, and optimize their fleet for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Remote hour meter/usage tracking reports provide data and reports showing utilization from individual trucks to entire fleets, enabling fleet optimization.

With Yale Vision, fleet managers can see what they need to see to ensure the right size fleet for maximum productivity and efficiency. If you can't see it, you can't fix it.

Monitor operator behaviour, promote safety

Yale Vision protects your significant investment in your forklift fleet from abuse, neglect, and unauthorized operation.

Improved operator performance is promoted through impact alerts, maintenance tracking and management, and truck operator limitations (when access control is enabled).

Yale Vision ensures compliance with OSHA or industry-mandated pre-shift checklists, providing peace of mind around the clock and throughout the fleet. Once you see the reports on your Yale units, you'll want to equip all the trucks in your fleet with the same capability

Web-Based Asset Management, Anywhere, Any Time

Access the Yale Vision portal from any device with an internet connection to view every truck equipped with the telemetry module.

The system communicates via cellular or Wi-Fi to the Yale Vision portal, where a customized dashboard provides clear, interactive reports for fleet and operator performance assessment.

Three levels of management, ranging from Wireless Monitoring to Wireless Access to Wireless Verification, allow for customized asset management with a clear upgrade path as needs change over time.

Discover how Yale Vision benefits your business


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