Yale Wireless Asset Management

Manage Cost, Optimise Productivity & Protect Your Assets

Take your fleet operation to the next level with Yale's leading wireless asset management. Yale Vision can increase fleet efficiency, reduce downtime and improve operator performance with cutting edge wireless fleet management.

It's easy to add the Yale Vision telemetry solution to new or existing trucks, even if they're different brands. We make it easy to integrate Yale Vision, making your fleet management smoother and more efficient. Our expert team paired with Yale Vison technology can help you get the most out of every forklift, pallet truck and tow tractor in your fleet. Let's make your fleet work smarter, not harder


Manage your Total Cost of Operation

Yale Vision's Total Cost of Operation (TCO) goes beyond just the price tag. It gives you the full picture of your costs, helping you make smarter financial decisions for your business.

Get a full view of your operational costs with close monitoring and reporting, including contract costs, maintenance, acquisition, and labor. With this information you can improve the cost management of forklifts, fleets, and labor.

You can analyse your TCO by vehicle, fleet, and location. This gives you a clear picture of how your fleet is being utilised and its costs to help to maximise the value of your lift truck assets.

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Ensure maximum productivity from your forklift investment

Remotely track every hour and move of your forklifts. Get detailed reports on everything from a single truck to your whole fleet. This data helps you fine-tune your operations for maximum efficiency.

Yale Vision lets you see exactly what's happening with your forklifts. Use real data to shape your fleet for top efficiency and productivity. Knowing is half the battle - with Yale Vision, you're always in the know.

Yale Vision enables fleet managers to upsize, downsize, right size, and optimize their fleet for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Monitor operator behaviour, promote safety

Yale Vision protects your significant investment in your forklift fleet from abuse, neglect, and unauthorised operation.

Improved operator performance is promoted through impact alerts, maintenance tracking and management, and truck operator limitations (when access control is enabled).

Yale Vision ensures compliance with OSHA or industry-mandated pre-shift checklists, providing peace of mind around the clock and throughout the fleet. Once you see the reports on your Yale units, you'll want to equip all the trucks in your fleet with the same capability

Web-Based Asset Management, Anywhere, Any Time

Access the Yale Vision portal from any device with an internet connection to view every truck equipped with the telemetry module.

The system communicates via cellular or Wi-Fi to the Yale Vision portal, where a customised dashboard provides clear, interactive reports for fleet and operator performance assessment.

Three levels of management, ranging from Wireless Monitoring to Wireless Access to Wireless Verification, allow for customised asset management with a clear upgrade path as needs change over time.


✔ We won’t sell you anything, but we’ll give you our knowledge and experience for free.

✔ Check your forklift efficiency to maximise output and maintain your competitive edge.

✔ Need extra vehicles for seasonal demand - plan your annual hire/lease schedule

✔ Yale Forklifts Nationwide  service network uses our 99 point service checklist to keep all your vehicles lifting your game.

✔ Ask for a review now and ensure your fleet is optimised for your business.


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