Productivity and Superior Quality in Warehousing Applications
Durability and reliability are the pillars of Yale® lift trucks used in manufacturing applications. The MRW020-30E trucks extend your time on the warehouse floor with features that enhance productivity, including the separately exited drive motor and transistorized hoist and traction controller.

Operators prefer Yale® lift trucks for their innovative design that reduces fatigue and optimizes performance. Ergonomic factors such as the convenient onboard diagnostic and large control handle promote productivity and efficiency. Designed to require less maintenance, the MRW020-30E truck is easy to service and includes fill and drain plugs to insure adequate lubrication.

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Intelligent Ergonomics
• Bottom mounted tiller handle design optimizes the operating position and reduces steering effort
• All controls are located on the handle
• Variable lift/lower is controlled with push-buttons located on the right side of the tiller handle
• The left-hand push-buttons are used to control either single speed lift/lower or an optional side shifter
• Reach/retract control buttons are conveniently placed on the top centre of the handle
• Tilt is activated by depressing the shift button
• The wraparound traction reversing switch (belly switch)
• Provides a large area of contact for the operator
• The rotary throttle (butterfly) control has been designed to maximize tactile feel and reduce operator fatigue

Ultimate Productivity
• Stationary separate drive motor
• Open carriage design and optimal hose routing provides superior visibility
• Reach/retract cylinders are cushioned for smooth operation
• The standard tilting carriage provides a secure method of carrying loads
• Three performance modes, easily changed by the operator through the control handle to tailor truck performance to the application.
• Optional creep speed control is available for maneuverability in tight spaces
• Auto Deceleration System reduces the need to manually apply a service brake to slow the truck reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity.
• The simplex and Hi-Vis triplex masts offer smooth operation, solid construction, and excellent visibility