Meeting the Bottom Line with Outstanding Productivity

Load Capacity: 4.5 – 6.8 Tonne

MTR005-MTR007F trucks are made to efficiently carry out low-level order picking and horizontal transportation tasks to help you meet your bottom line. The durability of the trucks’ robotically welded steel frame insures its ability to take on heavy-duty tugging and tractor applications.

Tough enough to handle difficult tasks, the MTR005-MTR007F tow trucks are “human-engineered” with state-of-the-art technology, such as the wide grip handle, premium 3” thick back pad with integral armrest. Built to require less maintenance; they also allow extremely easy serviceability.

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Intelligent Ergonomics
• The vertically adjustable control handle design provides full control of travel, steering, and horn while allowing optimum maneuverability
• Steering column has three tilt positions and locks forward for battery removal
• Narrow width 430 mm standard handle
• Full rotary grip handle allows the operator to maintain full control of direction and speed
• Conveniently located brake levers mounted on the control handle
• Convenient “rabbit” speed floor switch
• Cushioned knee and back pads
• Large trail wheels for a smooth ride

Ultimate Performance & Productivity
• Robotically welded steel frame
• Two-stage brake is applied by squeezing the brake levers mounted on the control handle
• Electric park brake switch is conveniently located on the cowl
• Separately Excited Motor (SEM) technology for enhanced performance
• Auto Deceleration System
• Automatic latching, manually released jaw type coupler

Superb Service
• Designed for minimal troubleshooting and repair time
• On-board diagnostics
• Hall Effect speed control sensor eliminates the use of potentiometers, therefore reducing wear and adjustment
• Fused traction controller
• Stationary traction motor eliminates cable flex
• Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect
• Transistor (MOSFET) traction controller with self-diagnostics
• Drive axle seal string guard reduces potential damage from string, shrink-wrap, or banding tape