VT series has the following models: 15VT SWB, 16VT SWB/MWB/LWB, 18VT MWB/LWB, 20VT MWB/LWB. It maintains a leading edge in today’s continuously evolving market. Some stand out features include:

• AC Technology
Yale AC technology Class H traction motors are suitable for the most arduous applications. Smooth forward and reverse directional changes providing seamless driving action. In the high-performance or ‘HiP’ setting, AC technology provides increased speed and acceleration, even when fully laden, and increased speed on grade.

• Brakes
The truck is equipped with automatic park brakes and oil-immersed brakes. Automatic YaleStop™ park brake: spring-applied, electromagnetically released park brakes are mounted at the end of both motors.

• Steering
E-steering eliminates the hydraulic steering lines from the steer column which is infinitely adjustable in a range of 26º. The E-steering also incorporates the synchronous steering function so the steer knob always returns to the home position which can be selected via the dash display.

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Best Suited Industries
Beverage Retail
Freezer/Cold stores
Horticulture – pack houses