Yale’s FBR Reach Trucks have the following benefits ideal for a range of warehousing applications.

– Small turn radius control
– Low vibration suspension system
– Improved right-angle stacking aisle width
– Enhanced safety features
– Ergonomic cabin and controls
– Easy to service with removable components and quick battery access
– Backed by an extensive dealer network
– Aftermarket service and support

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  • Ability to turn in a small radius ( working efficiency)
  • Energy saving (Operating hours)
  • Inching ability upon travelling and load-handling
  • Acceleration characteristics, swaying of a vehicle during travelling
    at a low speed
  • Inching performance during load-handling, accelerator
  • Regenerative brake
  • Regenerative brake for a change of direction, neutral regenerative
    brake, regeneration brake.
  • Reducing the front-and-back swinging of the mast.

Economic efficiency

  • Ability to turn in a small radius (Storage efficiency)
  • Energy saving (Electric power cost, battery life and operating hours)
  • Using IPM as a travelling motor
  • Load handling AC motor
  • BDI interruption


  • Ability to turn in a small radius (Level of fatigue)
  • Low noise
  • Floor height and space
  • Low vibration suspension system
  • Shock less steering
  • Reducing steering force
  • Reducing C/V operating force
  • Shock less reach cylinder
  • Hooded display
  • Accelerator front grip



  • Travelling and load-handling interlocking
  • Suspension lock control
  • Slope speed limit
  • Turning speed control
  • Energy saving (CO2 emissions)
  • Wide visibility mast