The EF series offers superior traction, gradeability, drawbar pull, travel / lift speeds and excellent manoeuvrability, ideal for tough out-door applications.

Load Capacity: 16 Tonne

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Up to 7000mm lift, Integral Sideshift Fork Positioner, Tyre options, Attachment Options

16000Kg Capacity

New Operator Cabin

The new Operator Cabin is designed for maximum operator comfort and productivity featuring a “cockpit-style” workplace with all truck information and controls at the operators’ fingertips.

Unique lateral seat sliding further improves the view on the work task.

Excellent all-round visibility and operator protection is ensured by the armoured glass top window, curved front- and rear window and toughened glass doors.


The automatic ZF 3WG161 transmission is fitted to all models with a heavy duty transmission oil pump to increase cooling oil flow to the clutches and torque converter.

Protection Systems

The engine protection system monitors coolant and air intake temperature and oil pressure. The transmission system monitors pressure, temperature and forward / reverse lockout on direction changes. The hydraulic system monitors low oil temperature.