Yale® announces new GDP80-160DF/EF forklifts with new cabin
Yale® is pleased to announce new GDP80-160DF/EF forklifts with a new state-of-the-art cab and controls for the 8-16 tons range (J876 and J877).

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New structure with additional driver space and optional trainer seat.
Enhanced visibility with full glass doors.
Panoramic armored top glass (FOPS certified).
The steel bars will remain available via an option.
A new control arm with clearly visible controls.
A seven-inch touch screen display with a rotary button.
Lateral sliding seat for improved ergonomics.

New display and new electronic architecture
These series are first to benefit from our new electronic architecture offering:
A new digital seven-inch display with a touchscreen and rotary button.
Increased possibilities and options to change settings to optimize the truck for each application.
Easier maintenance due to universal architecture and reduced number of unique components with a common interface across all product lines.
In addition, the CAN bus system will provide directs information to the service mechanic and reduces the amount of wires and additional interfaces/displays.

New options
Directional control on steering column or joystick.
Top window with armored glass and additional steel bars (FOPS certified).
A variety of seat options.
Automatic park brake.
Enclosed operator cabin with automatic climate control with shut-off with an open door.
Truck starting by a key switch with start button or by operator password.
Tire pressure monitoring system.
Sun visors for the front window and a heated rear window.
Automatic truck shutdown with a timer (seat switch, idle, sequence).
Blue LED Pedestrian Awareness Light – rear.