What to Look for in a Second-hand Forklift

It isn’t always practical for a company to fork out the large sum of money it takes to purchase a brand-new forklift. In these situations, a second-hand forklift is an affordable alternative. When purchasing anything second-hand, it is essential to know what to look for when searching for used forklifts for sale in NZ.

Buying a second-hand forklift doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or functionality. Here we layout a handy checklist of things to look for to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Check the Forks for Damage

When inspecting a second-hand forklift, be sure to check the forks for any significant damage. Check for cracks, bends, or any other signs of wear and tear. Cracks will be the most problematic because they are early signs that your forks will need to be replaced soon. Don’t forget to check the heel of the fork blades. Look closely at their thickness; if it varies from heel to shank, the forks are worn.

How Does the Mast Operate?

While you’re at it, it’s good to check the mast for any cracks or signs of repair, such as welding marks. A patchy fix can compromise the structural integrity of the mast.

Get the seller to raise the forks high enough to extend the mast. Any hiccups during this process mean the mast or link chain may need fixing. To get a better idea of this, check for any missing or rusted links in the lift chain and worn or lopsided mast rollers. These are all tell-tale signs that the forklift mast will require repairing or replacing in the near future.

What Shape is the Engine in?

Be sure to run the forklift for a few minutes before taking a look at the engine. Here you should be checking for any leaks or cracks in hoses. Low oil could indicate an unseen leak. Test that the belts are tight and well lubricated and that there is ample brake and transmission fluid. The last thing you want is a faulty engine.

How are the Tyres faring?

It is essential to look for signs of ‘chunking’ before purchasing a second-hand forklift. Chunking refers to pieces or ‘chunks’ of tyre falling off. This can make the forklift uneven and present real safety concerns. While you’re inspecting the tyres, be sure to take note of their tread and how close it is to the wear line. Forklift tyres can be rather pricey, so you don’t want to buy a brand-new set immediately.

Second-hand Doesn’t Have to Mean Second Best

A second-hand forklift can be an excellent option for a business that doesn’t have the cash to splurge on a brand-new forklift or simply won’t use it often enough to justify the price. At Yale Forklifts NZ, we are the experts on new and used forklifts, so you don’t have to be! Take a look at our range of new and used forklifts, commercial vehicles, and tow tractors for sale today.

Schedule a call with our expert team, and let us unveil the magic that can elevate your warehouse operations!


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