ESC-AD series has the following models: ESC030AD, ESC035AD, ESC040AD. It maintains a leading edge in today’s continuously evolving market with leading dependability, productivity, and ergonomics. Some stand out features include:

Achieve best-in-class status
• Move products smarter and more efficiently
• Make better use of available warehouse space
• Decrease labour and maintenance costs
The Yale® ESC030-040AD three-wheel stand can get you there.

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Maneuverability that takes you places
• Standard, dual independent AC drive motors with separate drive controllers provide optimal maneuverability while turning.
• Dual steer tires with hydraulically actuated rack and pinion steering axle enable precise, reliable control.
• Ability to load position on an incline minimizes the likelihood of product damage from unintended load contact.

Designed for all-day productivity
Labour costs can eat anywhere from 50-70% of your budget. The three-wheel stand is designed to get the most from labour expenditures by keeping your operators sharp and on task. By offering state-of-the-art features and enhancing comfort, the three-wheel stand not only helps your operators work more precisely and efficiently but helps reduce fatigue, boost operational productivity and decrease labour costs.

Best Suited Industries
Freezer/Cold stores